To use InnoTools Downloader:

Add #include ReadReg(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,'Software\Sherlock Software\InnoTools\Downloader','ScriptPath','') on a blank line outside of all sections in your script. Alternatively you can copy it_download.iss (From the location that you installed it, typically C:\Program Files\Sherlock Software\InnoTools\Downloader) into the same folder as your install script and use #include <it_download.iss>

Call ITD_Init in your InitializeWizard() procedure. This does some internal setup for ITD.

Call ITD_AddFile to add some files files to be downloaded.

Call ITD_DownloadAfter(pageID) to indicate to ITD which page you want the download screen to appear after. You need only call this function once, typically during IntializeWizard. You'll probably want to use:


ITD will automatically show the download page and begin the download after the page that you indicate. If the download was successful, it will advance to the next page.

If you want to download files without a UI, don't call ITD_DownloadAfter. Call ITD_DownloadFiles instead to start the download.

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