PetzA Revision History

v2.2.5  2008-02-03
This version removes the screen resolution check on Petz 5, allowing Petz to run on smaller screens, like laptops.
v2.2.4  2006-10-02
This version prevents crashes caused by making your pets too young (Below 6), and lets you stop Babyz from being able to soil their diapers.
v2.2.3  2006-07-31
This version fixes a bug where the "Set number of children" box would offer to set up to 8 pets (Petz only allows 4!) and wouldn't do anything even if using the normal number of children.
v2.2.2  2006-07-11
This version:
- Fixes Petz 3 sound on XP (No more lockups!)
- Fixes a problem that would cause PetzA to not appear on the menu if you were running "Webshots" (And some other programs)
- Adds the ability to take .PNG format pictures with the Petz camera
- Fixes a lockup when picking a profile icon on Windows 98
v2.2.1  2006-05-09
This version has a big new feature for Babyz: PetzA now fixes the Babyz bug that caused it to lockup on Windows XP and 2000, so you can now have sound working in XP just fine!

You can also hide the love heart when breeding (In the PetzA settings screen).
v2.2.0  2006-05-06
This version:
- Has better keyboard support in the PetzA menus
- Allows you to disable messages like "Mated successfully!"
- Allows you to save GIF images with the Petz/Babyz camera
- Allows you to choose if you want the brainsliders to be always on top
- Allows you to hide the navigation bar in Babyz

It fixes these bugs:
- Crash if you were dragging a brainslider when it closed
- Sometimes some profile icons would not show up in the icon picker
- PetzA forgot to update the sex in the family tree when you gender changed
- PetzA would create PetzAProfile.xml even if you had profiles turned off
- Incorrect links on the "Your Petz version is incorrect" screen
- Would silently fail if it had trouble changing profiles. Now, you get a warning
v2.1.2  2006-03-31
Should fix all problems with screensavers now. Fixes bug where profiles would sometimes refuse to change
v2.1.1  2006-03-26
This version makes Profiles work on Babyz. It also fixes a bug where profiles cause the screensaver to lock up on loading (But not on Windows 95).
v2.1.0  2006-03-23
This version introduces a big new feature for advanced users: You can create profiles to store your adopted pets in. When you start Petz, you can then choose which profile you want to play with.
v2.0.3  2006-01-02
This version fixes problems which stopped it working on Petz 2 and Babyz.
v2.0.2  2006-01-01
This version fixes the bug where Petz would show an error message when closing on Windows 95/98, and fixes the installer which wouldn't download updated Petz .exes on Windows 95/98.
v2.0.1  2005-12-26
Fixes the Petz 5 bug where weather settings aren't saved
v2.0.0  2005-12-23
This version adds the installer which will automatically update your Petz .exes for you. Adds non-overwriting playscene support to Babyz. Shows the love heart while breeding. Fixes an error when closing Petz on Windows XP (Error in uxtheme.dll...)