Pet Workshop Revision History

v2.0.1  2005-10-05
This version fixes problems with the ordering of Paint balls in tattoos, and adds paintball outline support
v2.0.0  2005-10-04
Graphics engine rewritten: Looks far more like the original Petz game now, runs faster and should run on more computers.

- Texture paths now correct for internal furfiles
- Rename/delete variations
- Doesn't require OpenGL anymore
- You can zoom in and out on your pet with your mousewheel.
- Fuzz/outlines/textures for Linez
- Paint ball support
- You can save the paint balls on a particular ball to a tattoo file, then send it to other people. You can change the colour, size and position of tattoos and put them on whichever ball you like!
- Two tattoos included: I hope that people will submit more tattoos to be included on later versions. Or you can download them from websites and put them in the tattoo folder.
- Now supports all the outline types: both sides/left side/right side/draw as a nostril