LNZ Pro Revision History

v3.4.2  2008-05-05
This version fixes a bug where breeds could be modified simply by viewing them with the "Browse folders" option. Version 3.4.1 could cause damaged breeds (Typically ones that have been hand-edited by a hex editor) to become unusable when using Browse Folders.
v3.4.1  2008-03-23
This version fixes problems with resizing the "Messages/Help" window which could cause it to disappear.
v3.4.0  2008-02-15
Adds the ability to browse folders, showing the Petz version and ID of Breeds and Toys. Lets you find Petz files that have been put in a wrong Petz version.

Press F1 while editing an LNZ file to get help for that section.
v3.3.2  2006-03-22
Fixes bugs with the LNZ editor: Makes "Reformat lines" and "Double click to jump to error" work again. Whoops.
v3.3.1  2006-03-17
Fixes a bug where "Rename" was difficult or impossible to use.
v3.3.0  2006-03-13
This version fixes a few bugs:
- Unibreed is now at Version 3, and fixes a bug which would cause crashes when breeding with other Unibreed pets
- Babyz ball numbers were in the wrong column when inserting ball numbers

Adds some Babyz features:
- Lets you edit eyelid colour and see the owner and adoption date

And adds a cool Ancestor view for .pet files, which lets you see which breeds and owners are in the history for your pet!
v3.2.1  2005-10-05
Adds hex id number support when using Save As.
v3.2.0  2005-10-01
- Allows you to add, delete and rename resources in breed files/other DLL's
- Doesn't require OpenGL anymore
- Fixes the "Save as.." menu option
- Lets you save breeds as new non-overwriting breeds
- You can search/find/replace in LNZ files
- Some other small bugfixes
v3.1.0  2005-09-16
Adds Petz 3 international support to Unibreed. Allows you to edit .baby files.
v3.0.0  2005-09-11
Unibreed support - make breedfiles which work in nearly all Petz versions without being converted