Revision History

v0.3.5  2008-10-15
- Moved strings used in the updater example to the language file, so that they may be more easily translated.
- Added event functions to support the example of integration with InnoTools tray.
- Fixes bugs that could cause the download to hang until the mouse was moved over the download window.
- Allows "detailed mode" to be turned on by default with ITD_SetOption
- Allows the HTTP agent to be set with ITD_SetOption
v0.3.4  2008-08-08
- Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Ronaldo Souza
v0.3.3  2008-07-26
The "Hilbrand Edskes" release :), lots of suggestions and corrections from him, thank you!

- The "Retry" button is now translated.
- The "Current file" progress bar is hidden if only one file is being downloaded.
- The page's title and description are updated in the case of failed downloads.
- Several updates to the translations.
- Several small GUI fixes.
v0.3.2  2008-07-23
- Minor tweaks to the English language file and the translation example script (example4.iss)
- Added Dutch translation by Hilbrand Edskes
- Added French translation by Neo
v0.3.1  2008-07-19
- Added language file examples, fixed several missing language strings
- Preliminary support for proxy server autodetection
- Allows the size of a file to be queried with ITD_GetFileSize
- Several small bugfixes
v0.3.0  2008-07-09
This version switches back to using an external DLL. Fixes:
- Support for timeout detection
- New GUI with "Basic" and "Detailed" view
- Internationalization capability
- Post documents to server
- New examples
v0.2.1  2006-05-16
I've now renamed all external identifiers so that the variables used in ITD won't clash with the rest of your code.
v0.2.0  2006-05-16
Now wholly native Inno [Code] - no DLLs needed. Fixes bug that would stop FTP downloads from working.
v0.1.0  2006-05-16
First release. Downloads from FTP/HTTP, no resume. DLL interface.