LNZ Pro is an all-purpose Petz, Babyz and Oddballz file editor. It can edit breeds, pets, babies, toys, playscenes and other Petz resources. It is a complete replacement for the tool "Resource Hacker", but misses out on the annoying Resource Hacker bugs that can corrupt your file!

Please make backup copies of any files that you intend to edit.


  • LNZ Pro makes editing the LNZ part of a breed or a pet easy! Different parts of the file are highlighted with different colours to make it easier to read
  • It can check your file for errors and point out common mistakes
  • It can regularly space out the lines to make them easier to read
  • Convert your breeds to Unibreeds and have them work in all Petz versions!
  • Ancestor view for pet files lets you see exactly which breeds and owners make up the history of your pet
  • You can edit genetics for your pet files to remove problems like sleepiness or constant fleas
  • Change the sex of your pets, neuter or un-neuter them
LNZ Pro makes creating non-overwriting breeds easy! Just click File->Save as, save your breed with your new name, and a wizard will guide you through the steps of creating a non-overwriting breed.

LNZ Pro cannot edit pregnant pets from Petz 5.

Recent changes:

v3.4.2  2008-05-05
This version fixes a bug where breeds could be modified simply by viewing them with the "Browse folders" option. Version 3.4.1 could cause damaged breeds (Typically ones that have been hand-edited by a hex editor) to become unusable when using Browse Folders.
v3.4.1  2008-03-23
This version fixes problems with resizing the "Messages/Help" window which could cause it to disappear.

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