Tinker is a program to edit toys, clothes on-shelf graphics, playscene items, and other filmstrips for Petz 2,3,4,5, Babyz and Oddballz.

Tinker also lets you edit the Petz 5 toycase to allow you to add custom toys to your toycase. Note that you should not add the Hermit Crab to your toycase - it will cause a blank entry in the toycase to appear in Petz which will crash when you click on it.

Don't forget to keep backup copies of the toys that you plan to edit.

Please note that you must leave at least one frame in each animation. Tinker and Petz cannot read Toyz that have 'empty' animations.

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Recent changes:

v1.9.1  2006-07-05
Fixes a bug that would cause the error "Can't find caseinfo.lkv" if you installed Petz into the root folder of your drive, and tidied up the carrying case editor to make it easier to use.
v1.9.0  2006-02-06
- Add/remove frames from Petz 3/4 filmstrips
- Remembers the window position
- Better support for sprites in areas
- Can convert frame format by right clicking on a frame
- Help file updated
- You can move frames around by dragging and dropping
- Petz palette fixed: No more weird incorrect colours
- Many small bugfixes and improvements