Pet Workshop

Pet Workshop is a tool which lets you edit and change Petz breeds (Catz and Dogz) while you view them in 3D! Pet Workshop makes creating breeds as easy as point and click.


  • Edit dog and cat breeds, create new non-overwriting breeds!
  • Edit and import textures
  • Decorate your Petz with downloaded Tattoo files, or create your own!
  • Add add-balls and new linez, completely change the shape of your breed!
  • Edit and change variations in your breed for a different pet every time you bring it out of the adoption center
  • Rotate the view of your pet, zoom in and out with the mousewheel for full control
Can't wait to get your hands on it? Head over to the download page!

There are some very useful tutorials on the Tutorials page which should get you started.


Pet Workshop has not been updated in a long time and there are a few outstanding bugs.

It was never tested on Windows Vista and will give an error message when opening breeds. Right click on the Pet Workshop shortcut and tick the "Run as Administrator" box to fix this problem.

It doesn't work well on non-English versions of Windows. If your decimal separator is not a period (.), so if, for instance, you write one and a half as "1,5", then Pet Workshop will corrupt the Paint Balls section of your breeds when you save changes. The only workaround is to set your decimal point to a period (.) in the Regional settings of Windows control panel. Sorry for this bug :).

Recent changes:

v2.0.1  2005-10-05
This version fixes problems with the ordering of Paint balls in tattoos, and adds paintball outline support